The Prodigal Daughter

What if they don’t want you to come home again?

Carrie Ames left her restrictive religious community for a new life.
Her family shuns her; old friends don’t speak to her. But she forges a new identity, surrounds herself with a support group of other ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses, and finally even learns how to love. When she’s killed the night that she announces she’s returning to the church, her boyfriend, Todd Parrish, is arrested for murder.

Was she murdered because Todd feared losing her, or is there a deeper motive?

Lacey Benedict has struggled to establish herself and her small firm in Dallas, where the legal community closed ranks against her for bringing down an established law firm and its popular managing partner. Todd’s grandparents plead for help and—even though she knows practically nothing about criminal law—she can never resist a good fight against injustice. But how do you find other suspects when everyone adores the victim and assumes the killer has already been caught? Benedict digs into Carrie’s life, and, before she knows it, she’s got too many suspects—and not enough time.

Blood Will Tell

A mysterious death. A secret room. A locked box.

Paige Jensen knows that her family has secrets. The discovery of a secret room in the ancestral home is shocking enough, but the blood on its walls hints at a darker truth. Her great-grandmother, a headstrong young aviatrix, died mysteriously, and Paige’s own DNA test results are evidence that someone’s been lying about the family tree. No one inside the family will tell her what she needs to know, and no one outside has been able to penetrate the wall of silence the family has built to protect itself.

Enter Lacey Benedict, Paige’s new attorney, who isn’t afraid of the threats or the walls Paige’s family has built. She’s survived a series of whistleblower trials, five years of private practice, and tougher battles than anything the Jensen family can set in motion. Warning her off just makes her more determined to get to the answers—regardless of the risks or the or the consequences. But even Paige may not be ready for the truth Benedict uncovers…